Help me I'm a parent! GPS Great Parenting Start:10 easy assessments for Parents for Optimal Parenting, Self & Relationship Mastery: Be the best "YOU" for your kids now!

The Parenthood journey is one filled with emotional highs and lows. As parents we will be charged with raising a helpless person to one that will one day be a helpful person. That journey begins long before your child is born. It begins with your own childhood and personal development. Further it grows into relationship skills development long before you are even capable of having a child yourself. As adults we will have been shaped into the people we are. When we become parents “the person we are” becomes the model that our children will learn from. So who are you?

Help me I'm a parent! GPS Great Parenting Start, is a course designed to give you insights about you and your parenting partner that will have direct impact on the quality of the relationship you forge with your child. It’s not enough just to get some advise from other parents, read a few books or even take a parenting course. While that can be beneficial it can also be detrimental if you don’t have some basics required to weed out the poor advise from the great or be fully prepared to execute effective parenting strategies. In other words if you don’t know enough about yourself and your parenting partner you’ll be blindly parenting. There is a saying that goes, “You need to know where you have been, and where you are at to get to where you wish to go”

This course will give you insights about you as well as how you should operate if you want to raise amazing children which really translates to raising amazing adults. Once completed you’ll know…

  • Where you are in the Development Cycle of human development and why you behave as you do and how this impacts your child
  • How open or close minded you are and how your receptiveness level impacts your child
  • How you deal with issues, situations and conflicts, and how it impacts your child
  • How you think feel act behave and how it impacts your child
  • What you are focused on and how that impacts your child
  • What your basic personality style is, and your parenting partners. How to quickly identify personality styles and the impacts it has on your relationships including your child's
  • What are the different parenting styles, what their impacts are on children and a test to determine your parenting style
  • What is going on in your subconscious how you are making choices without you realizing it and the impacts they have on relationships including the one with your child
  • What your cognitive distortions are, the filters we all have that speed up the reception of information that impacts our thinking and how it impacts our children
  • What your personal relationship governing style is, how you deal with problems, conflicts and confrontations and the impacts they have on relationships including your child
  • and more

Ten assessments that will tell you about you in a way that parents never think to look for yet are vital to becoming an Optimal parent capable of raising Amazing kids. These test and their impacts will serve you to change your lifestyle. Completely change from ordinary to Amazing by learning your GPS (General Parenting Status) with these 10 assessments. From here you can make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to become optimal parents. From here you can create a plan plug in your childhood development understanding, use your child communication skills, apply a family policy, utilize effective parenting strategies to obtain the goal created by the plan. In other words this course is the Optimum Start for the Parenthood Journey.

I'm Coach Hall your instructor for Help me I'm a parent! GPS Great Parenting Start I've personally gone on the parenthood journey with my four children. I’ll share with you the good, bad and the ugly of my personal experience. My story is not unique in fact there are scientific studies that prove that nearly all parents need help. I will share that information with you as well as what I learned. I have used these tools to help others understand themselves & their loved ones better. I’ve use these types of assessments in my former career as a top producing award winning advertising executive as well as while coaching hundreds in basketball and in my current career as a life coach. I’ll help you figure out who you are so you can get going on your parenthood journey in the most optimal way possible.

In just over four hours you’ll have all the answers you’ll need to create the lifestyle to raise amazing children. Begin to feel better about the new lifestyle change coming your way as a result of applying what you will learn from this course. Become more confident, more certain, more comfortable about the change that you can manage in your journey in personal development, parenting & relationships and every area of your life.

Welcome and enjoy the course!

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Hi, I’m Coach Hall your instructor

Coaching has been in my blood since as far back as I can remember. I am the oldest of three boys. As the oldest it was my responsibility to teach my younger bothers many things about life that I had already learned. At the age of 15 I began to help the youth sports coaches that were coaching my younger brothers in baseball and basketball. In essence in 1977 I began coaching. As a player I was captain yet my role was more helper than leader. In the world of leadership there three types. Those that lead from the front, Those that lead from the rear and those that lead from the middle. In my younger adult life I lead from the middle. Side by side learning quickly and rapidly helping my peers. Over time I learned to lead from the rear as would a general with great long vision perspective. And later as a parent leading from the front to guide and demonstrate life to each of my four children. In each case, a leader must have crucial information to both establish a "point A" and to assess resources and abilities to assist in getting to "point B" aka our goal.

The parenthood journey requires parents to be leaders of the family. They will lead from the front, middle and rear over time. This course is like one of the two critical inputs required for a GPS system to work. To be successful in parenthood and achieve a successful launch for our children as they become adults, we need to determine our starting point. This course is designed to give you 10 assessments to help you know your point "A". Having this information will make traveling down the parenthood journey easier with less setbacks fewer mistakes and far more enjoyable. Enroll and discover your GPS and begin you journey with a Great Parenting Start

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