Happy Life Certification: Formula for ongoing Fulfillment : Easy to remember recipe that will help you to have an Ongoing Fulfilled Happy Life

Many people lack fulfillment are not happy with life! Yes, they have happy moments, exciting things to look forward to, such as birthdays and holidays but the day in day out trek is unfulfilling, it's work, it hurts, it's sad, frustrating, and maddening at times, right? 

Truth is, nobody is happy all the time, yet was we compare ourselves to others we see others that seem to have more happiness than we do. Many in the self-help industry will say these HAPPY people sought after and achieved Fulfillment. They say that Fulfillment is the secret to real ongoing happiness. The question is, is that true?

A Happy Life requires three components in addition to your will and effort for it to work so your dreams can become reality! What are the three Components? Well, if we imagine life as a great meal, a meal that we want everyone including ourselves to remember as the greatest meal every consumed. We will want to make sure we have these three components. We want everybody HAPPY, right? We are creating a Happiness experience for all that attend your meal. While we have the will, desire and the energy to make such a meal, what is needed for this feast to be successful is the following. 

  • Keys (principles): Which represent the pots, pans, knifes, forks, spoons, stove, oven, measuring cups etc... and the knowhow to use these items.
  • Ingredients: Which represent the food items, meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, sauces, the spices etc...and knowhow to select the best of these items.
  • and…Formula: The recipe that tells you the quantity of ingredients, the portions, the cooking time, the mixing procedure, the knowledge and what experience is needed to efficiently put it all together along with the basic understanding of cooking.

This course offers you the Formula for Ongoing Fulfilled Happy Life. Fulfillment brings happiness. Ongoing Fulfillment means Ongoing happiness and represents one component to the The Ultimate Happy Life Certification.

Happy Life Certification: Formula for ongoing Fulfillment is designed for you to engage your eyes, ears and hands with videos, audios and workbooks. To give you a full experience in learning. This value-packed life changing course contains teachings from the most successful people in the world from the past and today. Dale Carnegie, Bruce Lee, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Kain Ramsay, Hubie Brown, John Wooden, Sir Francis Galton, Dr. Anders Ericsson, Malcolm Gladwell, several Universities studies, and articles written by experts in organizing success. 

If you are trying to create happiness and a better future in any of these areas of your life: 

  • Relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Finances/Money
  • Career/Education
  • Mental/Emotional Wellbeing
  • Daily task
  • Social Contribution
  • Leisure and Hobbies

 ...then this course will give you the recipe (The formula for ongoing fulfillment) to make it happen!

In just a few short hours you will have a snapshot of your life with a vision of where you want to go and the map to get you there!

Come Join me Coach Hall as we take the first steps towards achieving ongoing fulfillment!

Course Curriculum

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  The Secret
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  Life GPS
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  The Formula
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  Mix & Stir Wrap-up
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Hi, I’m Coach Hall your instructor

I bet you know someone in your family that makes the best tasting ______ (fill in the blank) every. For me I can say that my wife makes the best pasta and my mother the best banana pudding on the planet. Mom has a few other yummy's too. I've tried dozens of banana puddings but my mom's ... well it's always the same and it's always the best, period. My wife with her pasta it's all about the noodle boiling in the water for just the right amount of time. She has it down to the perfect second that it has to come out, bam...it's fantastic. So what does perfect pasta and banana pudding have to do with this course?

Recipes! aka Formulas

For the consistency of the experience knowing how to recreate perfection is the secret. Same is true with obtaining ongoing fulfillment in life. Once you figure out the code for fulfillment in your life the trick to sustaining it is with understanding the process of replication aka how to make the recipe.

I've always been a curious bee. I often ask questions to the point of annoyance and I research and study like a scientist. I love learning especially since recovering from a terrible depressing period of my life in the late 1990's and early 2000's. During my recovery I learned about how the mind works and looked at folks that were happy, successful and fulfilled in life. I read tons of books, articles and most profoundly actually interviewed many highly successful, happy and fulfilled people asking for help in understanding how they operate compared to the rest of us. I compared these stories and tips to research I conducted and then put them into action for myself. With some trial and error, time and patience, and refinement I created a system that can be replicated that anyone can follow. I use this in my life and I have taught this to over 1,000 people and now it's available to you. Join me and learn the Formula for Ongoing Fulfillment.

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