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Karen Armstrong

Consciousness Educator, Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practicioner, CBT Practicioner & Access Bars Practioner

Coach Hall's testimonial:

"She is the real deal. Karen and I have many times co-hosted live online workshops & events. I watched her create "aah Haa" moments in dozens of people right before my eyes. She is REAL good at getting to the root of your issues. Often times in real quick order. She has even worked her magic on me. One time she and I were beginning a workshop one attended. We were staring at other wondering what to do. Then we decided to open up with each other about our own personal issues. We took turns coaching one another. I had an issue with getting motivated to market my courses. She worked with me for about an hour and WOW! If I wasn't a believer before in her skills, I certainly was after that experience. Now I have a school and a growing online business. Much of the credit goes to that day when I experienced my "aah Haa" moment thanks to Karen. She is amazing at what she does and I am so grateful and honored to highly recommend her services to you"

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Coach Hall testimonial:

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