Help Me, I’m a Parent! Readiness : The parenting checklist : Optimal Parenthood Preparation, the 14 essentials required to become an optimal effective responsive parent

Parenting is the most under-appreciated job of all time. It's a stages of life that we receive little formal preparation nor do we obtain optimal training. It’s figure it out on the fly with the most important person in our life, our child. Truth is without information, knowledge, experience, understanding, training and practice, practice, practice we have no shot at being very good at anything. When it comes to raising a family is not being good at parenting good enough for you?

My guess is that every parent wants to be a good parent. If you are reading this it’s because you want to be a good parent or you are wishing to coach or teach others to be a good parent. So how do we become good parents?

The Help Me, I’m a Parent! Readiness : The parenting checklist course is designed to give you a list of the things you need to become better than good, rather this level of readiness prepares you to become an optimal parent. 

Parenthood is a long journey. This adventure is one that comes with some predictable stations we will pass through but it also comes with great mystery and uncertainty of what when and how this stations will present themselves to us. Each stage along the way requires unique strategies and navigational methods to keep us on track. This journey has been underway even before you had a child and even before you met your partner in life. 

The Help Me, I’m a Parent! Readiness : The parenting checklist course serves those that are ready to navigate the parenthood journey and become optimal parents…

…In just a few hours you will have

  • an understanding of what is needed before working the list
  • you’ll have a long range understanding via the parenthood cycle
  • you’ll feel better knowing exactly where you are on parenthood journey
  • list of 14 essentials to becoming an optimal parent
  • a breakdown of what you need at what point on the parenthood journey
  • preparation for the next step in the Help Me, I’m a Parent! series 

The primary objective of this course is to help you build your map for your parenthood journey by establishing a checklist of things you’ll need to be the best parent possible. 

The Help Me, I’m a Parent! Readiness : The parenting checklist course is part of a series of courses designed to give you what you can handle based on time and needs. This might be your first step. For others, this is the second step, after getting some help from the Help Me, I’m Parenting! Urgent I need help NOW! course. Either we hit crisis and wake up or we begin to feel the pressure of parenting and become proactive. Which ever way you got here it generally means you’ve had a wake up call of some sorts! Now you are ready to prepare yourself for the most important and difficult job on the planet. 

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This value-packed parenting course contains critical ideas from numerous child development specialists including Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Robert Kegan, Morris Massey, Jane Loevinger, Daniel J. Siegel M.D., Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., Gary Chapman Ph.D., Ross Campbell Ph.D., and Parenting Coach Pioneers such as Haim Ginott, Thomas Gordon and Diana Baumrind as well as the over 25 years of parenting experience of Coach Hall of Star Family Coaching.

Welcome and enjoy the course

Hi, I’m Coach Hall your instructor

Have you ever returned home from a long day of shopping and discover after unpacking the bags that you forgot something important? Maybe it was the thing that went out shopping for in the first place. It has happened to me, more than I'd like to confess to yet true nonetheless. If it's something like bolts for a project then you probably can't continue building your trampoline without them. Arrgghh! It's so frustrating! Imagine forgetting the Turkey for the thanksgiving day dinner where your whole family and many friends will be in attendance. Wow! That is an unpleasant story you will hear about for the rest of your life.

These disasters can be avoided with some preparation and a checklist. Now imagine you are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime that will exhaust a great deal of your entire life. Can we afford to forget things? Heck NO! Especially if you only get one opportunity for this once a lifetime event. What is this event? Parenthood!

This course is designed to make sure you have everything you need for your parenthood and for your child's childhood journey. This adventure will run 18 plus years with no do overs. So getting the essentials is crucial. Once completed you'll have the necessary requirements to set off on an Optimal Parenthood journey. The road will bring "unknowns" as well as the "to be expected" so preparation is a must. In a few short hours you'll be prepared for an Optimal Parenthood journey.

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