Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level 

Become "THE LIFE COACH" with next level Life Coaching Training for NLP, CBT, ACT practitioners and coaches. CTME & 6FEM. 

Life Coaches are becoming a dime a dozen. Meaning everyone seems to be becoming a life coach these days. Truth is we are all born life coaches to some degree. Because we all have the ability to demonstrate life and the ability to observe others demonstrating life. 

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level course is for life coaches of all levels. Whether trained or not, studied or not, or professional or not Life is what we do. Can you effectively coach what you do? Meaning can you help someone else get the kind of results to the degree that your client will become your biggest promoter? Are you so effective that your word of mouth business is more than you can handle making your time more valuable meaning you can raise your rates to the highest in the industry?

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level course give you a couple or supercharged tools, frameworks that will separate you from the pack of Life Coaches in the world today. You see most clients come to us (Life Coaches) wanting to know HOW to get from where they are today to where they want to be as soon as possible. So are clients also want to know when they can expect to reach this desired place. To help our client understand their minds we give them some “WHAT” information. Ironically, we give them labels to help them get to breaking their internal labels that create the limiting beliefs which act as anchors holding them down in life. Once we establish a sort of “A” point we then look to uncover with them their “B” point. This is what are client wants. Then we help develop a plan of action via a framework like SMART or TGROW etc… This is your average life coaching method. We focus on WHAT and HOW. This tends to get the ball rolling but at some point our client will slip back into negative moving actions. Here they make a decision. Do I return to my life coach? Do I try a different life coach? So they journey from A to B is very bumpy often derailing because the client looses their motivation, the rationale, the drive to keep doing what is required for success. As a result we see higher case of substance abuse, aggressive behaviors, depression and unhealthy lifestyle choice. So what is happing? 

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level course gives you the rest of the success formula that your clients need to hit their goals faster. The Cognition Tower is the supercharged version of NLP, CBT, ACT etc… because it answers a question we all need answered yet don’t know to ask. It explains why the entire A2B model isn’t as effective as it could be then modifies this model for maximum effectiveness. 

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level course is the WHY factor the Developmental Factor in understanding more clearly what are Point A really is and what are B point should really be. Plus with understanding WHY you have the drive, rationale, the passion for moving towards your “B” point. This means that your clients will Fail less, Succeed more. When you help them, undercover their “WHY” factor, this is a ahh ha moment then should them how to use the Cognition Tower this creates inertia within them that unleashes their fullest potential. You become the coach that everybody wants! 

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level course features: 

  • 120+ video lectures, loaded with animations and visual aids to create a more enjoyable experience. 
  • Accompanying audio files so you can listen on the go. The audio files are available in the resource section matching each of the video lessons. 
  • A 300 page course PDF workbook, The workbook is coded with the images seen in each lecture to help you stay on track with the videos. The workbook is available in the first section of the course.
  • Feedback and Discussion opportunities to help cement and practice the Cognition Tower

Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level benefits include

  • Knowing WHY we get stuck in life and When it Happened which means getting to the root cause of multiple challenges & limiting mindsets. 
  • How to, quickly and forever change your Mindset to create an optimum life experience.
  • Freedom, Self Empowerment and Mastery of with two simple to use, frameworks 
  • Empowering others with this easy to teach method of fast change. 
  • Having another incredible way of helping yourself and others be the best or better person in life. 
  • Separating yourself from other Life Coaches by understanding development and the WHY factor that typical NLP, CBT, ACT etc… modalities do not focus on.

By rounding out your skill set of change work techniques and understanding methodologies you will become the Helper of Self and/or the LIFE COACH that everyone wants. 

What is Supercharged NLP 2.0 The COGNITION TOWER Advanced to Mastery Level?

Supercharged NLP 2.0: COGNITION TOWER is a Developmental mind approach to understanding and changing behavior. It looks at the mind from a developmental dimension versus most self-help linear A+B=C models. It based upon the Science of accepted Psychological frameworks from over a dozen of the greatest theorist in the field of human “MIND” development. 

  • Piaget
  • Erikson
  • Kegan
  • Loevinger
  • Havighurst
  • Levin
  • Massey 
  • and many others) 

Supercharged NLP 2.0: COGNITION TOWER grounded in the latest in Neuroscience and the study of Consciousness a.k.a. Attention and Meta-mind operations. This model incorporates Neuroplasticity, the brains ability to develop, modify and strengthen synaptic connections that enable ones ability to rewrite the way we think. This Modern science meets accepted Theory approach to self-help is the back bone of the Cognition Tower.

The Cognition Tower is like the Engineer that understands the construction of the mind. An Engineer understands "the purpose" “the rationale” “the why” things are linked together the way they are by design. When we examine the REASON this satisfies our logical need to know and helps us create solutions for ourselves rather than depending on others to always help us.  

When we know why things happen the way they do we have a logical understanding of the process of the mind. The Cognition Tower unpacks the WHY of the subconscious programming that causes us to think, feel and behave the way we do. Knowing WHY is in essence, the ROOT reason for our limitations in ife. 

Without the cognition tower we are simply go into our minds finding the biggest poisonous fish and fishing it out. With the Cognition Tower we are dropping a net that attract many poisonous fish and scooping them out. This is a much faster way to clean and optimize the mind. 

For more details about How it works, sign up and let Coach Hall explain it to you in great detail. 

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Course Curriculum

  Introduction & General Framework
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  Entering the Mind
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  Growth & Development
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  Child Division
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  Adult Division
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  NLP 2.0 & WHY CTME?
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  M.E. & Coaching
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  C.T.M.E. + 6FEM The supercharge
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Hi I'm Coach Hall

Hi, I’m Coach Hall

I'll be instructing this course. I studied just about everything most folks have heard of in the world of self help. Mindfulness, NLP, CBT, EFT, Hypnotherapy, ACT etc... and I learned the What, How, When, Where of self help and personal development. I did so out of necessity after suffering from panic attacks for 8 years straight from 1996 to 2004. I did the prescribed pharmaceutical route during those years. While it took the edge off I was left with a near lifeless existence. I first learned about CBT in 2000. I saw great results and I explored more modalities. Around 2005 I gained enough self control to reenter the world of coaching. My self transformation experience gave me a different perspective on everything. Still I felt as if my mind could just run off and put me back into a state of panic or anxiety. Knowing what to do was great but something was missing. That piece was knowing WHY?

When we know WHY we can accept easier. Along with the how, what, when and where, We can look at processes better for better redesign. The CTME is the WHY or the missing link to self improvement, personal development. Forever remove triggers knowing why, when, where, how and what to remove those triggers. This framework supercharges all disciplines like NLP. This is why I called this Course NLP 2.0 The cognition Tower. Take your self help and life coaching abilities to the next level and join me today. Take your Coaching Skills to the highest levels. Offer a modality that really empowers people. Keeps them from slipping back into negative mental emotional states.

The CTME gives us an understanding of our mind that isn't provided by any other modality available. It explains what experts tell us about human cognitive and psychosocial development. This understanding explains the WHY of our triggers, behaviors, thoughts, feelings that keep us from living up to our fullest potential.

Join me and learn from the guy that created the CTME and start helping your clients understand WHY and plug the techniques into your other Life Coaching Skills. This 2.0 Supercharge will separate you from all other Life Coaches in the industry.

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