Help me I'm a parent! : The ABC's of successful parenting : The mindset of optimal parenting & relationships that help you feel confident so you will raise successful kids

Parenting requires a combination of mastered skills Parenting & Relationships. It begins with personal development or self mastery. Parenthood is a journey parents will take that requires preparation to be successful. Help me I’m a parent, The ABC’s of Successful parenting is a course that gives you the mental tools you need for, Parenting & Relationship development and personal development.

It’s fair to say that every parent wants to be a good parent. If you are reading this it’s because you want to be a good parent or you are wishing to coach or teach others to be a good parent. So how do we become good parents?

The Help me I'm a parent! : The ABC's of successful parenting course is designed to give you the mental preparation tools presented as three simple ingredients so you can become better than good, rather these ABC’s prepare you to become an optimal parent.

Parenthood is a long journey. It’s a Personal Development and Parenting & Relationship journey. This adventure begins with us not having experience only potential having some information in the form of frameworks about how children operate at different stages in their childhood journey. Each stage along the way requires unique strategies and navigational methods to keep us on track. This will require parents to be mentally ready with three mental components to go along with the right type of mindset.

The Help me I'm a parent! : The ABC's of successful parenting course serves those that are ready to navigate the parenthood journey and become optimal parents…

…In just a few hours you will have

  • an understanding of what the mental components required to be an optimal parent.
  • you’ll have a proven mindset to use to be successful in your own personal development
  • you’ll have a proven mindset to use to be successful in parenting & relationships.
  • you’ll feel better knowing exactly where you are on parenthood journey
  • preparation for the next step in the Help Me, I’m a Parent! series

The primary objective of this course is to help you have the mental preparation for your parenthood journey by establishing a set of mental components and the proper mindset.

Help me I'm a parent! : The ABC's of successful parenting This course is part of a series of courses designed to help you on your personal development, parenting & relationship journey by giving you what you can handle based on time and needs. Each course can operate as a stand alone or in conjunction with all the other courses in the series.

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This value-packed parenting course contains critical ideas from numerous child development specialists including Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Robert Kegan, Morris Massey, Jane Loevinger, Daniel J. Siegel M.D., Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., Gary Chapman Ph.D., Ross Campbell Ph.D., Carol Dweck, and Parenting Coach Pioneers such as Haim Ginott, Thomas Gordon and Diana Baumrind as well as the over 25 years of parenting experience of Coach Hall of Star Family Coaching.

Welcome and enjoy the course

Hi I'm Coach Hall your instructor

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of our existence create what we know to be reality. Our experience is an interesting dance between the outer and inner spaces of our understanding of life. The outer world is what we live in while what lives inside us is our inner world. How we manage our inner world comes through to the outer world that others will receive as part of their other world. Often times this outer experience enters into their inner worlds. No time in each of our lives is this more relevant than during childhood. The outer world created by parents becomes the truth absorbed into the inner space of a child's mind. This in turn creates an action, reaction, behavior or some type of expression affirming that transmission and reception, being the connection between humans, has occurred.

So much of parenting involves the mastery the caretakers have of their inner space. Another term for our inner space is our mind. How we think and feel, what we do with thoughts and emotions, the behaviors and actions we display swim in the waters of our mind. In calm waters life flows rather comfortable. Hot or Cold water and life flows in discomfort. Rapid and rushed waters can cause damage. And swimming while blind in rapid waters can be disastrous.

As a life coach, I learned long ago that success begins in the mind. So if you want to raise children to become successful adults you'll need to develop a successful mindset. The ABC's of successful parenting is about building your mind up to set the stage for your parenthood journey. Or if you are well into the journey to reset your aim towards success.

Success begins in the mind and learning the secret to becoming an Optimal Parent is as easy as the ABC's

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