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Hi I'm Coach Hall

I've been working with children since 1977. I started as an Assistant Basketball Coach teaching 8 to 10 year old kids how to play the game I love. After years of doing things the I was originally taught, some crazy events happened that made me look at what Coaches and Parents were doing to impact the behavior of children.

I went to school on childhood development and studied research from major universities. I developed a system that kept children enjoying sports and kept them playing.

In 2010 I started getting parents to ask me what I was doing. Before I knew it I had parents asking me to help them with parenting skills based upon my sports coaching skills.

Each year the demand from parents grew, to the point I had to dedicate my time to self development for parents and parenting and family dynamics coaching.

This book accompanies the first of my 10 course series called "Help Me I'm a Parent."

This book contains proven effective techniques to help you get quick results with a number of issues in parenting.

Enjoy the read, put the techniques to practice and enjoy your parenthood journey.

Below are courses to consider to go with this book

The book is a stand alone product. However, It doe have a course that works side by side with the book. This course is part of a series designed to help you along your parenthood journey.

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Urgent, I need help Now!

This course covers all the topics cover in the Urgent I need Help Now Book.

This course includes

3.5 hours of on-demand videos

over 40 Downloadable resources

lifetime access

Certificate of completion based upon passing the course test.

Free access to our student/parent support group

The Help me I'm a Parent
10 course Bundle

Get the entire series and the best price offered. The bundled saves you more than $125 off of buying each course individually.

Combined these courses include:

Over 42 hours of video content

over 100 downloadable resources

lifetime access

Free access to our Student/Parent Support Group

Optimal Parenting

Get the most current and up to date version of the Help me I'm a Parent Series. This course include:

30.5 hours of video content

over 100 downloadable resources

lifetime access

Certificate of Completion based upon passing the course tests.

Qualifies you for SFC Parent Coaching Training

Free access to our Student/Parent Support Group

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