Hi I'm Coach Hall

It's my honor and privilege to be your instructor for this MEGA ALL IN ONE course. This is the complete "Help me I'm a Parent" series consolidated for ease of use for the entire parenthood journey.

I'm both a Parenting Coach and a Parent of Four children. I wish this program was around when I became a father in 1992. But I didn't attend Parenting University. I wanted to be the best parent possible. I read everything. Studied, I went to immersive two week programs. Others that last months, back and forth journalling and correspondence. I've sat with child psychologist and therapist. I followed their advice. My bookshelf is filled with most popular authors of parenting ever published. I tried this and that. But I make mistake after mistake. Not only was I trying to raise my children, I was coaching kids in Sports ages 4 to 15. Being exposed to so many children alerted me to the vast differences in kids at different levels of development. Some of my 8 year olds operated like 12 years olds and vise versa. I was determined to learn all I could about Childhood Development so I could be a more effective coach and father.

Over the last 30 years I have created a number of highly effective systems that WORK. I created the "Help me I'm A parent" courses that quickly filled to 1,000+ enrollments. Now I have decided to put all of it in ONE mega course. Buy this one program and you will have everything for an Optimal Parenthood Journey forever.

Join me and the thousands that are becoming Optimal Parents.

10 Courses in One

Optimal Parenting is the complete "Help me I'm a Parent" series.

The "Help me I'm a Parent" courses are designed to help parents select individual needs in parenting. Beginning with Urgent I need help NOW! In that course I help parents with 9 of the most common Behavior issues. Including not listening, to fighting with siblings, to struggling in school and even bullying and more. Truth is these quick fixes are available everywhere. So I make them available not because I believe in these fixes and permanent fixes. Because they often are not, they are, in fact, temporary fixes. I help parents with an understanding that I do this to help you get the time you need to become Optimal Parents.

The reality is that parents are conditioned to not think about parenting in a proactive and preparative manner. It's more, "here's a few tips" and then shoot from the hip. This leads to many errors and lots of stress from everyone in the family.

The series begins with Urgent issues temporarily resolved to give parents additional time for the other 9 courses. Next we start with a Checklist of things parents need to become Optimal Parents. In this way if you don't care for my style of coaching then you to get what you need elsewhere to become Optimal Parents. We then move into the Mindset ABC's of parenting. After, we move into assessments. This establishing what you know, what style of parenting you've been exposed to, personality styles, over a dozen other highly important self and co-parenting evaluations to help determine a baseline starting point for your Parenthood journey. Next, we look at expectations. How long it will take for you, your parenting partner and your child/ren to change? How to measure than change? Then, we dig deep into Parenting to MAP out your Parenthood Journey. From here we look at cracking the code of behavior. Why do our children behave as they do and what can we do to create and environment that leads to optimal behavior? Then, we have two course on Communication. Finally, we look at family dynamics, policies, rules, discipline, consequences, etc...

Some parents might look at these options, feel the need for somethings and not others, so these courses are available individually.

Now we have this all in one course that removes the repetition that comes from the start and wrap up sections of each of the ten separate courses. This more condensed course saves you time. You will have one central place where everything in those ten courses are efficiently wrapped into one.

BUY ONE and you're DONE!

This becomes your child/parent Manual for the entirety of your Parenthood Journey.

Get the entire bundle but better

Minus the Urgent quick fixes because they deflect or delay REAL CORE issues. Plus you are getting everything updated. You are saving hours of time with only ONE introduction and ONE wrap up section rather than 10. Big savings in Time.

Course Book

You'll receive a Course Book, Workbooks, MP3's, articles and a continuous updates to the course. Access to our Learning to Launching to Earning student support Facebook Group. Periodic Events and Workshops that you'll be invited to join, including both FREE and FEE required. FYI the LLE Group is FREE to join and FREE isn't not a trial period. As long as you abide by the rules, you will always be a member of this community where your peers, Coaches, and Coach Hall will be available regularly.

SFC Certification

Each Section of this Course will have quizzes that will be graded. You will be required to pass each quiz and the final exam to receive your completion of Course Certification and an Official Practitioner of Optimal Parenting

This will signify that you have not only completed the 30.5 hours of Video lectures but you have completed the workbooks and have passed the test.

As a Practitioner you can help other parents and charge for your service. You are eligible to enroll as a SFC Optimal Parenting Coach including the lucrative opportunity to Become a Star Family Coaching Enterprise Partner. Together we can help Families Thrive in Life.

Example Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  B points
Available in days
days after you enroll
  A points
Available in days
days after you enroll
  A Point Assessments
Available in days
days after you enroll
  “2” the voyage of change
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Mapping out our “2”
Available in days
days after you enroll
  “2” the behaviors
Available in days
days after you enroll
  To A2B we need to communicate
Available in days
days after you enroll
  A2B Strategies
Available in days
days after you enroll
  A2B Family Management
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WRAP-UP & Final thoughts
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Optimal Parenting The Complete "Help me I'm a Parent" Series

Everything you want & need to know about parenting and childhood understanding Succeed from infant to College graduation

Hello Parent,

Have you ever thought about or asked these questions?

How can I get my kids to behave?

How can I get some time for me, before I lose control?

What can I do to protect my child from all terrible things including failing class or bullying?

Why do I do all parenting work? How do I get my Co-parent to be more of a parent?

How do I get help from a world that doesn’t prepare us to be parents?

How can I make certain that my kids will grow up with all the tools in life to be happy, successful and fulfilled?

These are some of the many questions you may have as a mom or dad. Have you ever written out a list answering these questions?

What are your biggest concerns about parenting?

What are your greatest desires for your family?

What do you worry about most about your children?

What are your wishes for your children?

Well, before we continue…WHAT IF there was a ONE STOP, does it all PARENTING the best way possible, solution that easily answers and shows you how to proceed to resolve every question listed above, would you be interested in having that know how?

What about solutions to unforeseen yet to be asked questions that will come up on your parenthood journey, would you like to have that kind of readiness, preparedness to deal with all the unknowns of parenthood & childhood?

What about the knowhow to deal with all your concerns, worries, struggles and challenges you may have about, your children, your parenting skills and all things family related, would you be interested in having that knowledge?

What about having what amounts to a CHILD HANDBOOK that is complete from time of birth until time they become independent adults, would you be interested in that Knowledge?

What about all of the above with resources available as needed for today, tomorrow and throughout the entire parenthood experience, would you like that?

Optimal Parenting The complete “Help me I’m a Parent” series is the CHILD HANDBOOK that parents never receive. At least until NOW!

The “Help me I’m a parent” courses are one of the most popular and effective set of courses available anywhere in the world. Individually they are selling very well but more importantly they are helping parents. These courses were set up to help parents at different stages or with specific areas of need.

Helping parents;

…get ready for the parenthood journey with a well defined checklist. So they can choose to continue with my series or get the help from somewhere else.

… understand the mindset that is needed to be an Optimal Parent.

…gain an Understanding of their current levels of parenting through a variety of assessments.

… develop a MAP and setting goals to help them take the long adventure known as the parenthood journey.

…with the realistic time parameters of when current habits, methods and behaviors can change and deal with unrealistic expectations.

…HACK the behaviors of their children so they understand their, every growing and changing, child in the best possible way.

…with powerful and effective communication skills to have great parent child relationships

…with family structure discipline rules policies to keep the parenthood journey moving towards the family goals

…with a series of effective strategies that will help you achieve all the goals and phases of the parenthood journey.

These course individually have been successful but 2020 has opened my eyes to a number of things.

One: Time is not a guarantee in that we don’t know for certain what we have left. So time is an unknown yet extremely import commodity.

Two: My mission is to help 1,000,000 families by 2030 and Covid has made this goal more difficult due to the financial impacts and more importantly loss of life we have faced.

Three: Parents need more help than ever before with Covid impacting home-school learning and work from home policies. The once easy divided portions of a day are now blended causing confusion and added stress to an already challenging parenthood journey.

So I thought to myself, “How can I help?”

I noticed that several students of mine took more than two three or even four of my “Help me I’m a parent” courses. Now with folks needing financial help more than ever and even more important the skills to get through these tough times to build better and stronger bonds with their families, I figured I would take my series of 10 courses and mash them together into ONE GIANT MASTER course. I took the best parts of 9 of the 10 courses to create this course. The only one I didn’t include was the Urgent I need help Now course, which as I highlight in that course is a bandaid course. It will help deal with many issues quickly but the methods that are taught by most parenting coaches are merely short term solutions to a much bigger problem.

Optimal Parenting is

  • all about doing the best thing for the short, medium and long term. Optimal Parenting is about getting to know what you bring to the table prior to your parenthood journey. What style, roles, and strategies will you adopt? Where, what, how and why is your family going on this parenthood/childhood journey?
  • understanding your ever changing child’s mind so that you can best relate, teach, communicate and love your child.
  • learning skill sets that will make you better as an individual, as a person in a relationship, as a leader, better organize with better management ability, better focused on what really matters and the means to establish and reach goals for yourself, your family, and your children.
  • about putting your family in the best position to be successful, happy and fulfilled.
  • about preparing your child to become inter-independent with the ability to sustainably thrive in life.
  • about effective communication skills and learning all the ways in which we actually communicate to each other.
  • learning to do those things most parents cringe just thinking about, like discipline, conflict issues, arguments and the art of governing the family.
  • learning how to effectively teach your children what they want and you want them to learn
  • and much more.

The Optimal Parenting course is the complete best of the best of the Help me I’m a Parent series. Optimal Parenting is the most comprehensive parenting and childhood understanding course ever developed. There simply isn’t anything close to this level of Parenthood Training.

This is true because not only do you get what most are teaching to some degree or another but you get it all plus you get frameworks and techniques unique to Star Family Coaching.

The information in this course is the result of over two years of collected works from the biggest names in the world of parenting and childhood development like Gordon, Ginott, Siegel, Bryson, Gottman, Faber, Baumrind, Piaget, Erikson, Kegan, Lovinger, Massey, Havighurst, Levin, and more.

You’ll get over 290 lectures

One full color course work

One black and white print friendly workbook complete with all the exercises assessments and activities required to complete this course.

One black and white print friendly course notebook for you to take notes in that run in sync with the lectures

Two additional lecture specific workbooks

One Parenting Agreement

Audio file version of each lecture

Lifetime access to this MASTER course

Coach Hall, is a Life Mastery Practitioner Specializing in the Parenthood Journey. He has been helping children and all types of families since 1977. He is an international “Best Selling” instructor with thousands of students from over 130 countries around the world. He has achieved certification in a variety of mind mastery disciplines and has been a mentor and coach to hundreds.

Optimal Parenting the complete "Help me I'm a Parent" series: is a value-packed course that contains many of the same elements of a true workshop environment. You’ll be asked to fully participate to help you build confidence with understanding. Enroll today, so you can become an Optimal Parent!

As an Optimal Parent the Parenthood and Childhood Journey's will be the most rewarding experience in life.

Each parent has a choice. We can do as our parents did to and for us or do the opposite of what they did to and for us. That was the only choices we had until now. Today, we can take advantage of the connectivity we now have and look at all the available options. And when we do this we will discover that the best choice is the Optimal One. Thank you for making the Optimal choice of becoming an Optimal Parent.