Help me, I'm parenting: The Parenting MAP Take your child to adulthood with maximum success. The point A to Point B method of parenting called the Parenting Map

Parenthood is a long adventurous journey. Imagine taking a trip around the world four or five times. Each time round the route and method of travel changes. One time we FLY, the next we Sail, then we tunnel, then we take land transportation like trains and buses and then we walk. Each time things appear different. Our perspective changes. Some trips we experience things from afar. Other times from below. Another trip takes us up close. We go fast and we go slow.

Raising an ever-changing child is similar to the imagined world travel stated in the previous paragraph. A baby will have needs and abilities that are different from a toddler. Same is true from a toddler to a school-aged child. And again with a child going through puberty and the teenage years. The teenager will be different from their adult version. Each will communicate differently as well. These changes while subtle can be smooth or difficult. It can be delightful and stressful. The balance of pleasure and stress depends on one's level of preparedness. Each of the five stages of human growth from infancy to adulthood is like a trip around the world.

Imagine traveling around the world without a map. What wonders might you miss? What wrong turns would you make? What time would be wasted and forever lost? What struggles and stresses would face you? How comfortable would this trip be for you and your family?

How often do you use schedules, lists and Maps to help you in your daily life? Imagine trying to live life without these time saving tools.

Interestingly enough is that while we understand the importance of schedules, list and Maps when it comes to parenting we don’t take full advantage of the tools when it comes to parenthood.

This course is designed to show you how to use these wonderful tools to help you become the best version of parents possible. This translates to your children having optimal childhoods which will launch them towards sustainably successful happy and fulfilling lives.

In just a few hours you will have an understanding of the following issues:

  • Parenting agreements
  • Parent meetings why they are necessary, what to talk about, when to have them, and the recommended order
  • Setting goals for each stage of the human voyage and the parenthood journey
  • The complexities of parenting
  • Task & Roles
  • Task Preferences, the META process and how to determine yours
  • Mind-State what is it?
  • Basic yet Powerful Communication Techniques
  • The “D” word and effective techniques

In just a few hours you will have of the following:

  • The first rendition of your parenting MAP
  • A parenting agreement
  • Practiced role playing for improved relationship understanding, communication and better response.
  • Practiced messaging in a stress-free and very effective way.
  • A command of what Task & Roles are in parenthood.
  • Templates to help you become more creative in building out your custom parenting MAP
  • A workbook and MP3’s as well as these videos to refer to forever.
  • Several Fundamental tools to help you become an Optimal Parent

Help me, I'm parenting: The Parenting MAP is a value-packed course that contains many of the same elements of a true workshop environment. You’ll be asked to fully participate in the several assignments to help you build confidence with understanding. Enroll today

Course Curriculum

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  Putting our Starts together
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  The Heart to Heart Talk
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  Setting Our Goals
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  Parenting Roles
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  Parenting Delivery
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  Creating the MAP
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  Putting it all together
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Hi, I’m Coach Hall

Coach Hall, is a Life Mastery Practitioner Specializing in the Parenthood Journey. He has been helping all types of families since 1977. He is an international “Best Selling” instructor with thousands of students from over 120 countries around the world. He has achieved certification in a variety of mind mastery disciplines and has been a mentor and coach to hundreds. He wrote "The magic, Illusion and unbelievable truth of youth sports" a book that exposes the realities facing children in the world of sports. He developed the Star developmental System, The Cognition Tower and the M.E. Elevator. All frameworks constructed from the sciences related to childhood and human development. He has simplifies the complexities of world renowned developmental theorists and several popular and successful models into something we all can easily relate to and understand. These tools help everyone better understand how we all think, operate, feel and behave. With these tools we can become better people and better parents.

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